16th Anniversary Eagle Watch Weekend

on beautiful Lake Monroe

Fourwinds Resort and Marina

January 29 - January 31, 2016

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What a fantastic weekend we had at Eagle Watch Weekend 2015. The Fourwinds resort was amazing and all the participants saw bald eagles. In fact, on the Friday morning bird count, the first bird at our first stop was a juvenile Bald Eagle. What a way to start the weekend. The surprise bird for the weekend was probably the lone Snow Goose. The surprise was the adult bald eagle that had it for lunch and we were able to watch it all from the patio in back of the Fourwinds! Final species tally for the weekend was a very respectable 49 species (scroll down to see the entire event list).

Before we know it, it will be time for the 16th Anniversary Eagle Watch Weekend being held, once again, at the fabulous Fourwinds Resort and Marina, right on Lake Monroe. Check back after this summer to see all that we have planned for the weekend, including some of the tried and true favorites as well as new programs for you who, just like us, just cannot get enough of our fabulous birds. In the mean time, "Like" us on Facebook and keep up with everything going on with the eagles on and around Lake Monroe, the birdwatching capital of Indiana. See you next January!

Print your own Eagle Watch Weekend Bird Checklist here (PDF Reader required).

Pre-registration for the 16th Annual Eagle Watch Weekend will open November 1, 2015.

Walk-ins are always welcome. See you there.


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Just to whet your appetite a little for 2016, here's our list of the birds we saw during the 2015 event:

Snow Goose Great Blue Heron Red-bellied Woodpecker Northern Mockingbird
Canada Goose Black Vulture Downy Woodpecker Cedar Waxwing
Wood Duck Turkey Vulture Northern Flicker Eastern Towhee
Gadwall Bald Eagle Pileated Woodpecker Song Sparrow
Mallard Cooper's Hawk Blue Jay White-throated Sparrow
Northern Pintail Red-tailed Hawk American Crow Dark-eyed Junco
Bufflehead American Kestrel Horned Lark Northern Cardinal
Common Goldeneye American Coot Carolina Chickadee House Finch
Hooded Merganser Bonaparte's Gull Tufted Titmouse American Goldfinch
Common Merganser Ring-billed Gull White-breasted Nuthatch House Sparrow
Ruddy Duck Herring Gull Carolina Wren  
Common Loon Mourning Dove Eastern Bluebird  
Pied-billed Grebe Belted Kingfisher American Robin  

Walk-ins are always welcome. See you there.

Print your own Eagle Watch Weekend Bird Checklist here (PDF Reader required).

While attending Eagle Watch Weekend, please consider staying at the completely remodeled Fourwinds Resort and Marina. They have over 100 rooms at special discount rates just for our Eagle Watch Weekend friends. Call today and tell them, "We're coming to Eagle Watch Weekend!"

1-800-824-BOAT (2628)

All of the birding tours are guided by regional experts. To reduce our carbon footprint, and because parking is limited at some stops, carpools are highly recommended. Dress for the weather, bring your binoculars and scopes, and consider being generous with your driver!

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